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PANACHE: all about you

Determined to provide the best experience possible at The Polaris Pointe, our concierge service, Panacheaims to alleviate any common headaches normally associated with travel. Panache will plan unforgettable moments that are personalized to every one of our guests. We also offer a full suite of services aimed at elevating your vacation experience to the utmost degree. For a reasonable fee, we also offer a custom tailored itinerary planning service to create the perfect vacation plan for you and your guests.


Rent our 2018 Toyota Pathfinder XLE! More to come fall 2022. 

surf & turf.jpeg

Don't want to go out? Have our house chef cook for you!

Taping a shoulder wound

No need to worry about feeling sick on vacation. The in-house physician assistant is on call 24/7 for any of your health needs. 

Pressure Point Massage

Call in a masseuse or visit the Spa at The Buccaneer Resort to book yourself a relaxing day at the spa!

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