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Our goal at Polaris Financial Partners is to help our clients achieve lifelong financial success for generations to come.

The advisors of Polaris Financial Partners have been providing financial advice and counsel for individuals and small business owners throughout Ohio and around the country over four decades.


The foundation of our practice is to provide client-oriented, process-focused advice on financial planning and wealth management. We pride ourselves and are committed to creating and developing lasting, meaningful relationships with our clientele. We assist you in identifying, quantifying and prioritizing your financial goals and objectives. Then, through the process of implementation, we assist you in developing a sound strategy to help ensure that your dreams come true.


One of the many benefits of working with Our firm is our unique ability to educate the client so that you understand our process, products and services. We believe that education is a critical part of our role as financial and investment professionals. Financial literacy and education empowers and enables our clients to make the best most well-thought out decision for their financial future. The financial security that results through our process allows our clients the freedom to live their lives to their fullest and to provide a meaningful legacy to their families.


At Polaris Financial Partners, our thoughtful approach and commitment to serving our client, first and always, frees our clients to pursue their goals, dreams and visions of the future. We look forward to having the opportunity of showing you how our process and passion for our profession can impact your bottom line.

Bob Deitrick

Bob Deitrick

Bob Deitrick is the principal and an owner of Polaris Financial Partners. He is a published author and has contributed as a primary source to Forbes also. He graduated from The Ohio State University with degrees in Finance and Economics. He has been a financial planning professional for 34 years having started his career with CIGNA Financial Services which later became Lincoln Financial Group.

Steven Morgan

Steven Morgan

At Polaris Financial, Steve develops and maintains financial plans and investment strategies with clients and has operated in that capacity for the past five years. On a daily basis, Steve can be found meeting with clients, placing trades, managing accounts, handling paperwork, and following up on any client questions or requests.

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